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Company Introduction

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     BANDLOCK®we are a production enterprise with independent import and export right, the main export market is Japan, Korea, southeast Asia, Europe and North America.
We offer our customers cables peripheral components of OBM and OEM and ODM services, we have been in the import and export brand standard, for the customer design and manufacture of non-standard parts, system integration and solutions, we, together with the partners in domestic and overseas sales channels in a professional, focused, concentrate for the guidelines, to achieve the sustainable development of win - win - win.
We are very honored for global users with more than 7000 kinds of products of different sizes, including: PVC button, casing (end), EMC/EMI resistance to electromagnetic interference aluminum foil type button, the glue casing, ボ タ ン チ ュ ー ブ, ホ ー ク ル of& ー プ チ ュ ー ブ, robot wear-resistant and heat-resistant sleeve, Nylon cable ties, cold and heat resistance, color, flame retardant, uv and other kinds of cable tie and bundled tools, Teflon, Teflon TEFZEL cable tie, Marine Nylon cable tie steel teeth, SS304 stainless steel cable tie and tools, SS316 stainless steel coating, extruded plastic coated cable tie, car tighten line card, Nylon Nylon cable gland, metal cable joint, PC + ABS low smoke zero halogen trough, PVC wiring slot, PA Nylon wave tube, plastic coated metal hose, PET woven net tube, Velcro tie belt, Nylon buckle, cable labeling products, cable connection cold-press terminal, terminal closed end, European terminals, cable wiring card, heat shrinkable casing and other kinds of wiring accessories and tools.
     BANDLOCK® products are widely used in new energy sources such as wind power and solar energy manufacturing, nuclear equipment, rail transportation, ship Marine engineering, aerospace electronics, electric power transmission and distribution equipment manufacturing, communications engineering, communications systems, automotive wiring harness, machinery and automation equipment manufacturing, and magnetic resonance (NMR) diffe.The products are all certified, such as UL, CSA, GL, CE, ROHS, REACH, Lloyd 's, DNV, ABS, etc.

    We focus on the product performance and application efficiency improvement, using injection molding, leaching, extrusion, plastic spraying, winding molding, stamping cutting, stamping, ultrasonic welding and other processes to develop and produce.

     BANDLOCK®and you create the most perfect cable application!