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Solvay France adiponitrile, BASF PA66 have force majeure! After the PA66 holiday will be soared into a demon!

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Return from vacation,

 The upstream and downstream enterprises have started work.

You may still be in the holiday syndrome stage.


During the Spring Festival, PA industry chain brings out another big news:

PA66 will also raise prices.

Solvay announced a force majeure on the French plant's adiponitrile device.

On February 16, 2018, solvay announced that it had suffered a force majeure event at its French plant, according to a recent announcement by Plastic Information Europe, a leading website in the European plastics industry. Statement on the force majeure and duration of solvay still unable to estimate, and claims to "a serious incident", also announced the downstream all PA66 polymer devices will be affected, we think that the event is expected to worsen the already tight global PA66 industrial chain.

It is reported that the cause of force majeure is strike! On February 15, the strike of the large adironitrile factory in Chalampe, France, resulted in the difficulties in the supply of the raw materials and the downstream hexanediamine.

Adiponitrile is the most important raw material in PA66 industry chain,Global production is mainly concentrated in companies such as Nvidia, Solvay, Oscillant and Asahi Kasei.

Solvay France's adiponitrile production capacity 520,000 tons/year is the world's largest production of adiponitrile, and is the only production facility in Europe, accounting for a third of the world's total production capacity.

The Solvay again force majeure, it will affect the following areas:

All PA66 producers in Europe will be restricted in their supply of raw materials, which will have a great impact on the supply side of the industry. The contradiction between the supply and demand of adiponitrile will intensify in the world and the price of the products will continue to rise. This will further increase the supply and demand tension in the PA66 industry.

②As China has achieved a number of breakthroughs in the domesticization of adiponitrile, related enterprises in China are expected to achieve greater competitiveness in the future.

 ③From the pre-holiday to the post-holiday news, PA emerged in an endless stream. Affected by tave also risen, and the industry's boom has gradually increased.

In September of last year,Invista U.S. installations caused irresistible force due to hurricane flooding such as adiponitrile;On January 24th this year, BASF announced that its supply of hexamethylenediamine, AH salt and PA66 had become irresistible. BASF, Oxide, Dowmer, and Celanese announced the increase in the price of PA6/PA66.

At present, BASF is still irresistible, Solvay force majeure is worse for nylon, in general, the two major manufacturers of force majeure will directly lead to PA66 prices rise!


Engineering plastic market

Yesterday was the first working day after the holiday, and some downstream manufacturers were still not working. The atmosphere in the inquiry was deserted, and there was little traffic in the real market. The middlemen are cautious in trading, and the market has a more wait-and-see atmosphere.

PC Market Price

Yesterday, the domestic PC market was mainly stable, and its heavy volume was dull. On the first working day after the holiday, the atmosphere of the festival was still there, and the operators were slightly unscrupulous and waited cautiously. In South China market, despite the tight support of individual cargoes, the price of quotations rose tentatively, but there was no effective follow-up to buying, and there was no real market trading. As of the close, the low-end mainstream PC injection molding level in East China market talks 28300-30000 yuan / ton, the high-end closing 30300-31000 yuan / ton.

PA6 Market Price

The trading atmosphere in the PA6 market was weak, transactions were limited, and part of the transaction price was negotiated.

PA66 Market Price


The trading atmosphere in the PA66 market was sluggish, and the demand from the beginning of the holiday was weak. According to the trend of the business community in the above chart, it can be seen that the price of PA66 continued to rise during the Spring Festival.

POM Market Price

The POM market is currently relatively light, the trading enthusiasm between buyers and sellers has turned weak, and firm trading has been normal.

PMMA Market Price

The market price of PMMA is stable and there are few transactions in the real market. Traders wait and see.